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What is FeelGoodEats Nutrition

It's long and it's a mouthful to say.

Why the name FeelGoodEats Nutrition?

When I decided to start my practice of nutrition, I wanted a name other than my own to convey what my mission really is about. Given that nutrition can be kind of confusing for the average person, going by 'Aida Sadeghi Nutrition' wouldn't really give clients any idea of what I'm about. I admit, 'FeelGoodEats Nutrition' may still be a bit obscure, but it has something to do with feeling good?

Nowadays, there are so many different sources of information and 'experts' giving nutrition and diet advice that your head really could go spinning. Not to mention all these new fad diets of keto, low carbs, high protein, 5/2, paleo, zone diet, counting points and whatever else is out there, it can be easy to just give up and leave things up to chance. Taking ownership of your health however does require you to understand what you are putting into your body. Because what goes in, directly affects you from the inside out.

One reason that I want you to think of nutrition as 'FeelGoodEats' is because while you should eat foods that make your body feel good, you should also be able to eat foods that you enjoy and that make your soul feel good. No one wants to have to only eat carrot sticks and salad for the rest of their lives - unless maybe you're a rabbit, then you'd be ecstatic. So the trick is to find a balance between what is good for your body and supports long term health but also what is enjoyable to you.

But just like many of the habits and behaviors we learn from family and our social environment, nutrition and eating habits are also affected by our social circles. Just think about it, growing up you never really had to think about what you are eating because your parents took care of that for the most part. As you got older and started to gain more independence, your social circles probably played a major role in how and when and where you decided to eat. For many of us, eating just becomes an afterthought that only gets any attention at the growls of our stomach. At that point, there's little thought or planning that goes into preparing a meal and speed and convenience really become the dominant factors in food selection.

When trying to change a habit or behavior, it requires you to make an active effort in carrying out deliberate actions that help enforce the behavior or habit that you want to establish. For example, if you are trying to be more active and exercise, you probably will plan out how many days you will go to the gym, how much time you will spend there, what exercises you will do, what gear or clothing you will need and so forth. You may set a daily alarm to remind you about your workouts or even get a personal trainer to keep you accountable. There is deliberate action and planning that goes into setting up this new habit. The same should apply to nutrition then, right?

How many times have you found yourself in front of the TV eating pizza or cookies and felt guilty. You then decide - Monday! That's when I'll start my new diet. Monday rolls around, you open the fridge and continue with the same eating habits. Without planning and preparing, you won't know where to start and it's easier to continue things as they are than to change them.

So in you planning process, think about what foods you like and which ones' you don't. Think about what foods support your health and which ones' don't. Prepare a grocery list that contains foods which you enjoy and that support the health that you desire. Your eating experience should be enjoyable rather than forced. If you don't like broccoli - don't eat broccoli! Instead focus on the foods that you do enjoy and try to stay away from foods that are packaged and/or processed as much as possible. This forces you to include more whole foods, which you then can prepare as you wish for meals or snacks.

The less a food has been processed and manipulated, the more nutritious it can be for you. Processing loses a lot of the vitamins, minerals and other healthful compounds that can be found in foods. Not to mention, fiber and natural water is stripped as well to make the item have a longer shelf life. Though macronutrients and micronutrients are important for proper health, so are fiber and water. While we want to enjoy the foods we eat, we also want them to have the best possible effect on our bodies.

Finding that balance in eating well and feeling good can take some times and requires you to experiment. Just remember to be patient with yourself as making changes is always hard. You don't have to get it perfect from the get go. It's more about taking the time to learn and understand what works for your body and what doesn't. And if you need a little help or guidance along the way, look to seek out professionals that can support you in your health in the way that you need.

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