Lose the Weight & the Worry Solution

A FeelGoodEats Nutrition Signature Program

A balanced weight loss method empowering women & men to take charge of their health & improve metabolic function by reversing blood sugar and cholesterol imbalance.

What this Program Offers:

Step by Step Weekly Guides

Simple step by step protocols to help create sustainable habits and daily practices around nutrition, hydration, sleep and movement so you can create the healthy lifestyle you want without sacrificing enjoyment of food or time with friends & family

Quick, Simple & Tasty Recipes

Use carefully designed heart-healthy and blood sugar-friendly recipes so you can instantly start controlling your cravings and energy dips and build an intentional relationship with food to enjoy what you eat while supporting your weight loss and health journey

Live Weekly Coaching & Support

Get clarity and guidance with weekly coaching calls so you can connect with your Nutritionist, ask questions and receive ongoing feedback and support toward your healthy lifestyle. 

Private Support Community

Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us in the private community for ongoing feedback and support toward your healthier lifestyle.

Personal Accountability

In addition to weekly coaching opportunity, you get weekly email check-ins to keep you accountable and on track to success in your health transformation journey.

Program Length

Though this program is self-paced, during your enrollment you will receive 13 weeks of Coaching, Community Support & accountability. The time length needed to integrate, optimize and solidify these methods for sustainable benefits and lasting success.

For People Who

Want to lose weight & improve their health

Don't want to take meds for years to come

Want to stop the cycle of dieting and binging

Want to have consistent energy, mood & focus

Want to get rid of cravings for good and learn to nourish their body


How much time do I need daily to complete the program

The program material includes approx. 30 mins/ week of learning and 10-30 mins/ day of implementing the skills - this is totally doable!

I'm going out of town next month, will I fall behind

Although this program has a recommended timeline, it's ultimately self-paced so you have enough time without falling behind.

I'm going out of town next month, will I fall behind

No, you don't need to buy supplements. This program focuses on creating balanced nutrition so you will no longer need to rely on supplements to support your health.

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