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Swap This for That: Eat Healthier

Working on improving your nutrition doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You don’t have to do a full overhaul and start from scratch. Taking small simple steps toward healthier changes can make the transition more seamless and manageable. Wanting to improve your diet, doesn’t mean you have to go “on a diet”.

Healthy Swaps for Blood Sugar

Food Swaps for Better Blood Sugar
Food Swaps for Better Blood Sugar

Simple swaps to remove refined and added sugars is an effective way to get blood sugar under control. Blood sugar control is an important component to cutting down cravings, controlling mood, energy and working toward weight loss. Swapping out refined and simple sugars, makes room for more whole foods that are rich in fiber which is the essential part in stabilizing blood sugar and helping you feel full longer.

Healthy Swaps for Cholesterol

Food Swaps to Lower Cholesterol
Food Swaps to Lower Cholesterol

Surprisingly foods high in both fats and refined sugars contribute to elevated cholesterol levels. Simple swaps to cut down on refined foods and add in whole foods that are rich in soluble fibers and omega3 fats are an effective way to naturally bring down cholesterol levels without having to completely give up your favorite foods.

Healthy Swaps for a Budget

Budget Friendly Food Swaps
Budget Friendly Food Swaps

The good new is eating healthier doesn't have to wreck your budget. Cutting out refined and processed foods, not only makes room for more whole foods, it also makes more room in your budget to invest in more nutritious foods options. Using fresh frozen fruits and veggies helps to preserve their freshness. That way you don't have to worry about spoilage and food waste which is a big strain on food budgeting.

Eating healthier can be done with simple small changes that can still be enjoyable and easy on your budget. And in the long run, investing in nutritious food that supports your health now can potentially save you hundreds in the future on medical and prescription expenses. Working with a Certified Nutritionist can help you create your own therapeutic diet so that you can create long term health and wellness.

Aida Sadeghi, MS, CNS

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