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Access your client portal for your telehealth visit, plan summaries and messaging access.

FeelGoodEats Nutrition Blog

Sugar Guide

Get this free guide for tips and recipes to help you get a hold of sugar cravings.

Free Cycle Tracker

Use this month tracker to better understand your cycles, hormone shift and optimal times for fertility!

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Community Support

Looking for some social support on your journey to better health through nutrition? Come join my community group Eat Well, Feel Good: Keep Blood Sugar Controlled!

I am not a doctor, and I do not provide medical advice, diagnose medical conditions, prescribe or discontinue medications. Please discuss all dietary and lifestyle changes with your physician and other health care providers - including altering your diet, starting or changing your exercise routine, taking any supplements, starting any new treatment, or making changes to existing treatment. I am happy to work in collaboration with your primary care provider as part of a complete care team.

Some service restrictions apply in accordance with the laws of your state of residence. Please connect with me to learn more.

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