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Prenatal Nutrition - a Foundation for Life

A FeelGoodEats Nutrition Signature Program

A targeted lifestyle program aimed at improving fertility using personalized nutrition therapy and lifestyle coaching to achieve a healthy weight for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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Your journey to parenthood starts before your pregnancy. Taking time to prepare your body, mind and health for creating new life helps to ensure that you have a healthy experience in the months to come. It also ensures that you create the best possible foundation for health for your child and their future.

Start by nourishing your body and understanding what your body needs as you embark on this new chapter in your life. Take out the confusion and stress of trying to piece it all together by yourself.

What this Program Offers:

Step by Step Weekly Guides

Simple step by step protocols to help create sustainable habits and daily practices around nutrition, hydration, sleep and movement so you can create a healthy lifestyle 

Quick, Simple & Tasty Recipes

Use carefully designed recipes to help you maintain blood sugar balance and build an intentional relationship with food to enjoy what you eat while supporting your health

Live Weekly Coaching & Support

Weekly 45-min 1:1 nutrition and coaching sessions so you can connect with your Nutritionist, ask questions and receive ongoing feedback and support tailored to you.

Private Support Community

Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us in the private community for ongoing feedback and support toward your healthier lifestyle.

Personal Accountability

In addition to weekly coaching calls, you get weekly check-ins to keep you accountable and on track to succeed on your health journey.

Program Length

This is a guided 16 week program. During your enrollment you will receive weekly support, coaching, and accountability support needed to integrate, optimize and solidify these methods for sustainable and lasting success.

For Women Who Want to:

Improve their weight for health

Optimize nutrient status through targeted nutrition

Stop the cycle of dieting and binging

Create mindfulness and lasting healthy habits

Nourish their body for a healthy pregnancy and thriving baby


How much time do I need daily to complete the program

The program material includes approx. 30 mins/ week of learning and 10-30 mins/ day of implementing the skills - this is totally doable!

I'm going out of town next month, will I fall behind

Although this program has a recommended timeline, I also understand that life throws us surprises. Due to the virtual delivery method of this program, you can still access your learning materials and coaching sessions from anywhere in the world without falling behind.

Do I need to purchase supplements?

No, you don't need to buy supplements. This program focuses on creating balanced nutrition. Depending on your nutrient status and TTC target date, recommendations may be made.

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Prenatal Nutrition Package Includes:

  • One 60-min Initial Assessment & Consultation

  • Weekly 45-min Follow Up Sessions

  • 4-month Program Duration

  • Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

  • Access to Training Material and Guides

  • Secure Client Portal Access

  • Unlimited Messaging Support

  • Coaching & Accountability

  • Simple Healthy Recipes

  • 20% off all supplements online

Insurance coverage may also apply for these services. Book a call to learn more.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Anthem Blue
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